Types of business valued –

The following is a sample of business valuation engagements:

  • Medical Practices 
  • Insurance Agencies 
  • Accounting Firms 
  • Industrial Suppliers 
  • Restaurants 
  • Construction Companies 
  • Printing Companies 
  • Retail Companies 
  • Distributors 
  • Preferred Stock – NYSE Company 
  • Law Firms 
  • Brokerage Firms 
  • Trucking Companies 
  • Manufacturers Stock Options 
  • Money Purchase Notes 
  • Limited Partnership Interests 
  • Property Management Companies 
  • Travel Agencies 
  • Computer Consulting Firms 
  • Moving and Storage Companies 
  • Electrical Contractors 
  • Bank 
  • Marine Operation 
  • Mortgage Loan Company 
  • Travel Plaza 
  • Wireless Companies
  • Engineering Company
  • Real Estate Entities
  • Education Entities
  • Office __

Litigation Support Services –

The following is a sample of litigation support services provided:

Lost Profit Analysis – The following cases are examples of projects in this area:

  • Provided assistance to a Fortune 500 company, which was involved in a dispute on the sale of a subsidiary.
  • Provided assistance in a dispute of $9 million concerning the sale of a subsidiary.
  • Provided assistance in a dispute for the lost profits of a restaurant that was destroyed due to an automobile accident.

Personal Injury Analysis Wrongful Termination Analysis